Photo by Samuli Airaksinen
Photo by Samuli Airaksinen

Tribal Fusion Dance

Tribal Fusion is a dance style which was developed in the late 90s in the USA from the style of the ATS (American Tribal Style). Elements of American Tribal Style got fused with various other dance styles. Modern dance, break dance, Indian dance and flamenco elements strongly influenced movement quality and the look of costumes. Tribal Fusion was originally shaped by Jill Parker, Heather Stants and Mardi Love through their movement repertoire, their interpretation of music and the design of their costumes. Tribal fusion style developed a unique, strong dance quality.

The focus is more on choreography, but improvisations are also common.
One of the most well-known Tribal fusion dancers in the world is Rachel Brice.
She brought the Tribal Fusion style together with Sharon Kihara and Mardi Love on big stages during the Bellydance Superstars world tour in 2004 and made it publicly known to the world.


Rachel Brice

Interview with Sharon Kihara on Tribal Fusion

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